Hank Haller Ensemble

 Elected into the International Polka Music Hall of Fame, along with the Cleveland Polka Hall of Fame

The Ensemble has 92 musical releases, of which 75 are compact discs.  Also, there are four DVDs available.

The band was founded in 1957 by Hank Haller and still has three of its original members: Hank on accordion, wife Maryanne on vocals, and Bob Gref on saxophone and clarinet.  The Hank Haller Ensemble also features Jerry Krocek on trumpet, guitar, and keyboard, Frank Sluzala and Lou Vucovinsky on drums, and Bill Kopco on bass and tuba. 

Offering authentic musical presentations, the Ensemble plays polkas and waltzes from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and America. 

You will most likely find the Hank Haller Ensemble performing at festivals and club functions across the United States and Canada.  We feature live music with no computers. Hank and his band can be viewed on the web and at hankhaller.webs.com 


Duane Malinowski

Duane Malinowski has been in the business for 30+ years, and after spending the last 15 years playing locally in the Michigan/Ohio area, has taken to the road once again! Even though he has recorded in Nashville a couple of great Country CD's, he has always stayed true to his Polish heritage. His latest release "Through the Years - The Two Sides of Duane" is getting rave reviews from across the country. He has a solid group that, when you hear this band, you just know they love what they are doing. Duane and his band can be viewed at a number of site on the web.

 Squeezebox Band

Visit Ted and Molly on there web page www.squeezeboxband.com 

 Frank Moravcik

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The Frank Moravcik Band was formed in 1995. The main emphasis of their music is on the "Cleveland Style" of polka music, however, they are known for their ability to perform a wide variety of different styles of polka music and popular dance tunes too.  Frank and the band have been honored by various organizations including the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.  Frank was honored as Musician of the Year by the Collinwood Slovenian Home in Cleveland, Ohio and the band was the recipient of the Best New/Young Band award from the Polka Hall of Fame.  Individually, Frank has been a recipient of the Musician of the Year Award and collectively, the band has received numerous nominations in the categories of Band of the Year and Album of the Year.You can visit Frank at www.frankmoravcikmusic.com 

 TNT The Natural Tones

Visit this band on there web page www.thenaturaltones.com.


Joe Novak and Friends

We are a Cleveland Style polka ,waltz,and a party band. We play a wide variety of music for any and all occasions from picnics to weddings, dance to bars, and pubic or private gatherings. contact Joe Novak at 330-723-3523 or joenovak@hotmail.com